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Tim Brooks
November 3rd, 2011, 06:22 AM
A Nautical November For The Gamers Front Monthly Special!
Sail The Seven Seas With This Month’s Store Special!

Cary, NC, 03 November 2011

Set sail with Shrapnel Games and plot a destination to action-packed excitement this November! All month long our naval games War Plan Pacific and Salvo! have been discounted from their normal retail price. Whether fighting the good fight in 1805 or battling for the fate of civilization in 1942, these are must have additions to anyone’s naval warfare library.

War Plan Pacific is a turn-based grand strategic game of the epic conflict between Imperial Japan and the Western Allies during the Second World War. Players can command the historical forces of Japan, the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and the Netherlands in three different scenarios providing historical and alternate set-ups, playable against either the AI, live opponent via the Internet, or PBEM.

Inspired in part by the classic Avalon Hill board game on the subject, Victory in the Pacific, War Plan Pacific has a comfortable tabletop feel while embracing the digital experience. And just like that classic title, War Plan Pacific was designed from the ground up to be playable in a single session.

While the game plays fast don’t confuse playability with a lack of historical gameplay. KE Studios, developer of War Plan Pacific, has simply distilled down the Pacific conflict into its more important aspects, creating a game that holds true to reality while not becoming mired with details. Players will find that they can pursue historical strategies in their bid for victory, or branch off and set their own course.

Turns are one month long, and units represent individual ships of light cruiser size or larger, amphibious and transport groups, and air groups. War Plan Pacific emphasizes air and naval combat, abstracting land combat. Combat is handled via a battleboard, and much like the game at large, provides players with many interesting decisions while never weighing them down.

For more information on the game and to download a demo please visit its official product page, located here:


All month long War Plan Pacific for Windows is available on sale for only $34.95, download or physical copy.

Inspired in part by the great naval paintings of that era, Salvo! has been designed from the keel up to provide an engrossing gameplay experience that allows armchair master and commanders to effortlessly face off against mighty armadas using a very intuitive interface. Players can command fleets of up to one hundred ships per side in a single battle with just a few clicks of the mouse, thanks to the unique ‘Action Marker’ system found in the game. With this system orders can be given to each individual ship in a scenario, or ships can be moved by squadron, allowing large scale engagements to be easily managed.

Combat is a wonderfully aesthetic aspect of the game, with vessels lovingly rendered in full 3D and battles playing out in a full broadside of sight and sound. Salvo! keeps the number crunching behind the scenes, allowing gamers to concentrate not on combat result tables, but fighting the battle. For example, while gamers will see a text report of “Constitution receives light damage” the player will also witness their ship shudder under a blaze of fire, with sails ripped to tatters and gaping holes peppering the hull. With such visual feedback reinforcing what’s occurring behind the scenes it becomes second nature for gamers to appraise how the battle is faring, and makes plotting strategy a snap without the need to catch every single text message like in some wargames.

The battles themselves are spread out over twenty-four campaigns, covering naval warfare from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. All the major naval forces of the era can be found in Salvo!, along with the nefarious pirates of the Caribbean and Barbary coast. Whenever possible the vessels are historically named and rated. And yes, land is found in Salvo!, increasing the strategic possibilities for wily commanders.

Multiplayer is fully supported, included PC versus Mac play. A full featured editor also allows editing scenarios and individual ships.

Check out more about Salvo! at its product page:


Until the end of the month Salvo! is on sale for $34.95, PC or Mac versions. Available as a download or physical edition.

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