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Default Re: mods thought

Amazon mod exists. I don't remember what nation it replaced or if it had any heroes.

Kristoffer O.
Other nations have more or less new unit setups. ermor in the early age has less modern legionaries, augurs, pontifices and equites of the sacred shroud.
Praetorian Guards already exist in Broken Empire, and I don't know what or who the flame-throwers are, but I'd wager a quess that Ermor will be Rome. Any further additions are probably best left until we know what is already in.

Dracasia, the one Morkilus mentioned, is a Draconian mod that seems to have vanished to the ether of intentions never fulfilled. It focused on different elements like Mystics of Arco, IIRC.

Centaurs and Satyrs - and Minotaurs and Harpies, lead by Panii? The Pan could cause women to shed their clothes, enter mad frenzy and join the warforce in provinces with Turmoil. Easily done - just don't change the current Pangaea.
A nation set up around Crossbreeding could be interesting, though, as Morkilus mentioned. Funnily enough, the current Pangaea's Pandemoniacs are one of the few mages capable of casting it.
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