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Old June 19th, 2006, 11:49 AM

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Default The Belgian wall

Decided it was time to tackle these tasty ww3 scenarios after having messed with some smaller insurgent type actions.

Took a look at the map and decided that the best place to defend the crossroads was from the group of buildings just east of it. Moved 2 thirds of one company in there. Moved the last platoon of that company to some woods south west of the crossroads. Guessing that the attack would come from the north, i sent two scorpions north of the big patch of woods north of the crossroads to give me some warning of what i was up against and sent the rest of that company crashing through the woods, intending to keep them in reserve.

In the event, the attack started so whole heartedly fom the north i deployed the reserve along the eastern edge of the big patch of wood they were hiding in, to try and take the edge off the attack before it got to the v hexes.

That worked well for 6 turns or so. By then i pulled the northern platoon out of the line, fearing an artillery attack, which duly crashed down on the just vacated patch of woods. Unfortunately it was followed by a concentrated airstrike by 4 fighters, which knocked out most of the platoon. by turn 10 the enemy had lost a ton of apcs, but i had only seen one tank, which i knocked out down south, where my own tanks were waiting for an attack that did not seem to want to come.

Shortly afterwards 10 or so t72s trundled out of the woods east of my position in the buildings. They had slipped past my tanks.
It is now turn 15, and my position in the woods has crumbled. I am re-establishing it along the south edge of the same patch of woods for a last ditch defence of the cross roads. The position in the buildings is holding but not for much longer. The t72s have run straight through it, almost to the crossroads, but were stopped 100 meters or so short by airstrikes and my 3 noble leopards, of whom 2 are now knocked out. One survives, and commands the southern arm of the crossroads.

Dont think i can hold the t72s off if there are enough of them left for another lunge. I have that lone tank, about 6 IFVs a machine gun team and 2 or 3 milan teams grouped in defence of the crossroads. My best guess is that about half the t72s are still out there somewhere.

The enemy infantry was destroyed while still in their IFVs. A few squads survive, but seem to pose only a limited threat. My own riflemen are largely untouched by the fighting so far.

Look forward to finishing this one. (After placating my girlfried who is irate at my extended session )
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