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Old November 2nd, 2017, 07:06 PM
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Default Egyptian-Libyan war miniseries (1977)

Hello guys!

Here come my promised three scenarios, the miniseries, covering the little known Egyptian-Libyan war of 1977.

That was was a short conflict between the two states. The was was epically lost by the Libyans. It's significance is greater than one may think, as Anwar Sadat (president of Egypt) broke the Libyans in just 4 days and had ALL THE ABILITY to depose and remove Quaddafi forever. So as you can easily guess, his decision directly allowed certain other conflicts to happen, such as Chad, Lockerbie bombings, 2011 Libyan Civil War etc.

Allright, dropping the historical part now, here are the scenarios and their appropriate descriptions:

Egyptian-Libyan War of 1977 - Part 1 - The Prelude*
Date: July 21, 1977*
Battle Location: As Sallum & Halfaya Pass, close to border with Libya, Egypt*
Battle Type: Libyan raid (advance) vs. Egyptian delay*
After Egyptian dramatic loss of Yom Kippur War in 1973, Anwar Sadat changed his approach to Egyptian external affairs. Progressing peace talks with Israel led Egypt away from nasserism and pan-arab socialism supported by Soviet Union and entire eastern block.
Logical consequence of this were preparations for Camp David Accords and closening ties with United States. Such was the change that would complete in 1982 and switch Egypt to western allignment that it remains in today.
On the other hand, one of the leaders of pan-arab movement, Muammar Kaddafi of Libya, saw these developments as danger of spreading zionism and capitalism across the arab world. For this reason, Libyan intelligence conducted a series of covert ops against Egyptian government. Those particularly worth noting were failed coup d'etat of 1976 and hijacking EgyptAir Flight 321. All this resulted in increasing tentions and military build-up.
In late spring of 1977, politically driven "March on Cairo" headed out from Tobruk in Libya with the purpose to firther destabilize Sadat regime. Border Guards stopped the civilian march by firing in the air and in response Libyan artillery attacked Egyptian border with mediocre barrages.
Finally, on 21st of July, 1977, Libyan 9th Tank Battalion of armoured brigade - supported with artillery and air force - conducted a raid on As-Sallum, border city connecting Egypt and Libya. Sollum was a home to border guards units, that were recently reinforced by infantry due to increasing tensions. The raid itself was successful and light infantry was beaten and taken captive. Yet, Libyan troops took significant losses in the process as tanks descended the pass without proper infantry cover and defences were more powerful than expected. This would be the prelude to the carnage of the following day. Unbeknown to the Libyans, Sadat managed to deploy elite Republican Guard armoured units to the east of Hallfaya Pass.
Sollum would soon be a battlefield on scale much larger than in World War 2.
But for now, conduct the raid. Capture As-Sallum and neutralize the infantry threat so rest of the brigade may properly deploy...
Notes: If played against the AI the human player should take the Libyan side.*
Sources: Various internet sources*
Design by: Marcin "SaS TrooP" Kaluza
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