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Old August 8th, 2018, 12:34 PM
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Default Scenario - Bear vs Dragon

Bear vs Dragon - North Korea
Date: June 3, 2018
Battle Location: Chosin Reservoir, North Korea
Battle Type: 5th Red Banner Army advance vs Korean People's Army defend

With North Korea's continued attempts to obtain nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles the USA and Russia find that dispite their differences in other parts of the world they share a common cause in this region.

On the 24th of May 2018, in the virtually uninhabited mountains of the north-east, between Sonbong and Hoeryong, North Korea performed an underground nuclear test. Unfortunately they miscalculated and the test explosion was more powerful then intended ... it breached the surface. Needless to say the resulting fallout has spread throughout the region ... including Russia.

International response was swift, and as usual ignored by North Korea. What happened next took everyone by surprise. Russia declaired that if North Korea didn't agree to total nuclear disarmament under U.N. verification by 1 June 2018 they would declare war. The U.S., South Korea, Japan, and U.N., in fact most other nations have all officially proclaimed neutrality in the upcoming conflict, but secretly applaud the Russian move.

It's been made clear to North Korea that if the impending conflict spreads outside North Korea, Russia, and their territorial waters the international community will get involved, militarily. Russia has said that any use of nuclear or other weapons of mass distruction will result in non-nuclear but "decisive" response by Russia. Russia as agreed to turn North Korean leadership over to the International Court, and let the U.N. decide the ultimate fate of North Korea as a nation after it's conquest. Many think Trump and Putin have made an deal.

The People's Republic of China said there could be "serious repercussions" if Russia invades North Korea.

On 1 June 2018 the Russian deadline expired and the invasion began. So far the North Korean response has been lackluster, most of their army was near the South Korean border. The only thing slowing the Russian advance is the terrian, lack of roads in north-east North Korea, and the need to bypass the highly contaminated area around the nuclear test site. As Russia approaches the Chosin Reservoir area, where the road network starts to vastly improve, China sent a final ultimatum. Halt the invasion, depart North Korea, or they will get directly involved.

This morning the Chinese shocked the world by begining to broadcast Chinese radar coverage of the Chinese - North Korea and Russian borders to the world and invited international observers to their radar sites to verify the broadcasts. And have declaired that hostilities will be limited to North Korea and it's territorial waters and any breach of this zone will result in an escalation of the conflict. Chinese fighters patrol the border but have been VERY careful not to cross over. Every rail line, road, and port leading from China into North Korea is jammed with an endless stream of men and material, but no airfraft are crossing the border. However North Korean ports of entry suddenly came on line with MASSIVE air defense networks, all on the North Korean side of the border. Can China really expect to confine the conflict to North Korea? Russia is counting on getting to Pyonyang, and occupying all of North Korea, before China can mount an effective response.

And this brings us to Chosin ..


As always useful feedback is welcome!

Be prepared for some long turns ... there are a LOT of Chinese.
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