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Old June 23rd, 2009, 05:17 PM

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Default Re: DAR: Moscow Region

Well, I tried increasing the AI points by 50%. It still was a turkey shoot, just with more turkeys

Overall, the terrain was miserable to fight in for my force. Tons of trees!! Finding positions for my Javelins was difficult. Again, the objectives were close to the enemy starting position. In fact, their deployment line went through all three objective groups. The objectives were worth 65 points each so I just gave up on the notion of getting those. Over 40% of the AI points came from those. A 65 point objective flag means something when you have a 3000 point core force. Mine is over 20000. That makes them rather worthless.

Total Casualties


Men: 72
Artillery: 0
Soft Vehicles: 0
APCs: 0
AFVs: 1
Air Transports/Helos: 1
Aircraft: 0


Men: 348
Artillery: 0
Soft Vehicles: 0
APCs: 39
AFVs: 47
Air Transports/Helos: 0
Aircraft: 0


US: 26691
Russia: 3180

Here is the last turn screen print. It's a zoom out, but my positions are pretty clear. Lots of trees! I've seen worse in WinSPWW2 in the Finland/Russian battles, but it definitely killed fields of fire. The next battle is almost a polar opposite. I'm not sure there are any trees at all, or road, or buildings. Visibility is 78. One large hill grouping with gullies are about the only terrain features.
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