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Old January 6th, 2016, 08:30 PM

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Default Czechoslovak OOB37 and Slovak OOB01

First touch of Czechoslovak and Slovak OOBs, without going too deep (there could be added also Czechoslovak units in the UK, fighting in France in 1944, and more Slovak Uprising units - maybe in a next season... maybe not)

Main source is Charles K. Kliment, Vladimir Francev: Czechoslovak armored fighting vehicles 1918-1948


001 CKD LT vz.34 - manufacturer's name CKD is redundant. Gun-armed tanks were delivered only from 12/35 (now 1/35 - it would need a change in formations).
MGs should be in fact vz.35 (#178 CMG and #131 BMG)
Same for Slovak OOB unit 003

There could be added another entry, with two light vz.26 MGs only, in 4/34-12/35 (weapon #230 BMG and a newly created single TMG).

002 Skoda LT vz.35 - manufacturer's name is redundant. First delivered in 12/36 (now 6/36)
MGs should be in fact vz.35 (#178 CMG and #131 BMG)
Standard ammo was 78 rounds (24 AT, 54 HE)
Same for Slovak OOB unit 002

008,255 Tancik vz.33 - in fact it had two BMG vz.26 (Slovak OOB has weapon #154 vz.26 (2) BMG - although I propose, that tankettes' MGs should have normal range)

Delivered only in 2/34 - needs change of formations 008, 011, 067, 069, 103
A better icon is 2757 (2759 winter) - they were very colorful (same for Slovak OOB units 008,255)
Front armour of unit 255 should be 1 like unit 08 (up to 12 mm)

Used again during the Slovak Uprising in 8/44

15 HKL6p Hakl - DShK MG is unlikely - most probably, original MG-42

20 OT-34/85 - usage of Soviet flamethrower tanks apart from the Soviet Army is doubtful - and Czech sources treating about post-war flamethrower tank prototype MP-1 don't mention, that Czech army had experience with such Soviet vehicles during the war (the army wanted to buy OT-34 in 1948, but the Soviets answered, that they are out of production)

22 SU-122 is very doubtful - according to Russian sources, they were replaced with more AT-capable SP-guns in early 1944. Production ended in 8/43 and only 638 were made.
On this Czech page there's no mention, that it was used in Czechoslovakia: http://forum.valka.cz/topic/view/12426/SOV-SU-122 and in users section there are only Soviet and German flags.

17 AOP Light Truck - picture of 1.5t Dodge is inappropriate - if it was Soviet-delivered, 19037 3/4t Dodge or jeep is better (few 1.5t Dodges were delivered to the USSR).

35 Hetzer - was designated ST-I post-war. There's no mention, that they had DShK AAMG (and it's hard to imagine on such small vehicle). Firstly they could have original German MGs - but according to Kliment's book, "in Czechoslovak Army's service the Rundumfeur machine gun was deleted"

37 ST-II - name is correct, but it should be Marder III H with Pak-40 (18 were sold to Slovakia in 1944). I'll attach a photo of Czechoslovak Marder, there is also another:

50 OA vz 27 - a proper picture is 23098, used formerly for this unit (a current one is OA vz 30) - or there are pictures at http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww...a_OA-vz-27.php
Speed was only 35 km/h

An icon is completely different - probably the best would be 4023 of ADGZ (4025 winter) (grey camo is correct for OA vz.27).
There could be also German Sdkfz221 #4311, albeit with an open turret.

51 OA vz 30 - nicer picture is 9343, erroneously used for the unit above.
Better icon is 213 - they were camouflaged (winter 4448)
Main armament was only one vz.26 TMG (LMG in fact), and one such BMG. They could have lower kill, than other TMGs (adapted LMG, fed from box magazines)
Delivered from 1/34 only (now 1/30)
Used again during the Slovak Uprising in 8/44

Same for Slovak OOB units 50 and 51

79 37mm KPUV vz 30 - seems, that it should be vz.34 in fact: http://www.delostrelectvocsarmady191...puv-vz.34.html (next model was vz.37 - http://www.delostrelectvocsarmady191...-utocne-vozbe/)
It entered service in 1935, but I don't know what guns in AT role had Czechoslovakia before...

144 2&1/2 Ton Truck - if it was Soviet-delivered, then it would be Studebaker picture 9270, possibly AT-wheel

145 White Scout Car - MGs should be original US-made. PTRD is less likely at this stage of war (besides, they weren't standard armament of scout cars)

159 Avia B534 - according to a Czech book on B534, it could only carry six 10-kg bombs (now 120 kg)

Formation 070 FT-17 Platoon - seems, that it was five-tank platoon (Kliment's book says, after buying 5 tanks, that "the army now had a full platoon of tanks to show and to train with")

It would be nice to add units of the Slovak Uprising in 8-10/44 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slovak_National_Uprising

- the easiest would be to copy tanks 02 LT vz.35, 03 LT vz.38, LT vz.40 (from Slovak OOB), 08 Tancik (marginal role though), 37 ST-II (as Marder III H), armoured car 51 OA vz 30, PzKpfw-III N (from German oob)
As for aircraft, 159 Avia B534 and 160 Letov S 328 were used.
It may be assumed, that Slovak Pak-40 guns were also used.



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