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Old July 13th, 2014, 05:30 PM

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Default Since I patched the game, the copy protection sets in (Steam)

So, I have the game through steam, and while I haven't played it for some months, I just now got back and saw there was a patch. Thought "why not?" and downloaded, but since I've moved my game to C:/Dominions (due to it running more stable there) I had to do a full reinstall.

Now when I start the game, as soon as I click anything, the menus to the left disappears. After a bit of googling it seems this is the copy-protection.

I tried deleting the "key" file in the folder to let steam download it again, to no success - the problem remains.

Anyone know why this happens? I have the game legit, and I've never posted the cd-key anywhere (in fact up until now I barely knew there was one) or copied the game anywhere else.

Thanks for any answer, official or not.

Regards, Ilja.
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