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Old October 18th, 2005, 08:22 AM
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Default Priorities/task related to LZ X-ray battle

I will update this front page with any task that need to be done for the LZ X-ray battle:

1. Precise Timeline (Listy is already working on this)

2. Precise (date/hour) entry point (to the battle) and casualty report of all (US, NVA, VC) units (Company level is ok; platoon level is better)

3. Make a precise list (type and quantity) of all support units/weapons that we should include in the US/NVA OOB (mortars,FO, Air assets, ARA etc...)

4. Modeling/write on a post how we should compose the battle OOB for both US/NVA (You should mention the stock units/formation you think appropriate to use and then you should add the additional units that are needed for applying "cross-link formation technique" that will allow us to build the correct formations.

5. Modeling/Playtesting of how long (turns) can 5-6 US infantry units in a row resist the assault of superior numbers.
US defend vs NVA assault (11/65)
i. Defenders are on rough terrain (dug in)
ii. Attackers are attacking from grass/forest land
iii. Engagement distance is 2-5 hexes
iv. Defenders may receive support by one mortar and one ARA.
v. The creek rough line should be 10-15 hexes long
vi. The VP flags should be behind the US front and the NVA units should advance towards these flags.
[/b]vii.[/b] Experiment with the moral & experience levels to see what happens.

[/b]6.[/b] Scenario description task: Start to work on the scripts for the scenarios - we have to give a lesson of history to the player

the list will be updated
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