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Fallout Re: MBT's

The more "near term" issue and something I was going to bring up a couple of years ago is I believe we should enter the current leased tanks in the Dutch OOB.

By the terms of the lease and a treaty that's in place the Dutch can use those tanks at any time for the defense of the Netherlands. Remember they are crewed by Dutch tankers. Given the times; this logically would make sense, and this is a wargame.

The Dutch realized not long after they got rid of their tanks that they had made a miscalculation, hence the lease deal with Germany.

Though initially the plan was for the Dutch to buy back those tanks from Germany and then donate them to the Ukraine, that didn't happen.

The Germans were hesitate about doing this because the Dutch have leased the most current version of the LEOPARD 2A6MA2.

What the Dutch and Denmark did was to order new LEOPARD 2A4 tanks too donate to the Ukraine instead.

Germany would send the Ukraine 16 slightly older versions of the LEOPARD 2A6 as I submitted and addressed for last year's submission.


NETHERLANDS/ADD/LEOPARD 2A6M2/START JUN 2018/END DEC 2025/COPY/GERMAN/LEOPARD 2A6M/UNIT 037. // By June 2018 the German/Dutch 44 Battalion would've been equipped with 40 tanks. The tanks they received were the LEOPARD 2A6M2 (Ref. 3 below.) . This same tank would serve as the "bridge" for the 2A7/2A7V. I believe they still operate these tanks presently but will need to verify this through my German sources. This is supported by the below refs.

Next in quotes from Ref. 1

"The Netherlands transferred to Germany the last 18 stored Dutch Leopard 2A6s. The Germans upgraded the tanks to the 2A7 standard then formed a new squadron under the German army’s Tank Battalion 414. A hundred Dutch soldiers joined the battalion, somewhat easing the German army’s manpower shortage.

The battalion is under German command but, in wartime, could support Dutch troops as part of a wider NATO operation. In effect, the Netherlands is leasing some of the tanks it once owned. "

The other 120 Dutch LEOPARD 2A6 tanks went to Finland I believe we made happen in the game.

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Default Re: MBT's

Originally Posted by FASTBOAT TOUGH View Post




Pat.... did you look at the Netherlands OOB unit 038??

That is the exact same tank as "GERMAN/LEOPARD 2A6M/UNIT 037."

Only the start date is slightly different

.......and it's the 414th not 44


Since 2015, the country has leased 18 Leopard 2 A6 tanks from Germany that form one of five companies within the German-Dutch 414 Tank Battalion.
The Mechanised Brigade has been part of the German 1st Panzer Division since 17 March 2016. 43 Mechanised Brigade’s 414 Tank Battalion is a fully integrated German - Dutch battalion. This form of cooperation is unique within NATO.

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