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Old February 17th, 2023, 08:07 AM

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Default Porsche Konigstiger?

Please bear with me if this issue has not been raised before, but I am dismayed that the game lacks this vehicle in the OB, particularly as the first Königstiger encountered on the western front against the British were fitted with the inferior Porsche turret. Although only 50 vehicles were so afflicted, it should appear in the game, considering that other vehicles built in smaller numbers are really of questionable relevance have been included in the German OB.

Could not be space found in the game to include this version of the Königstiger? The turret fron armour factor would be 12, as for the most common Panther turret and mantlet, with a dangerous shot trap on the lower turret for the Königstiger, as with the most common Panther mantlet.

I note that Unit Nos. 515 and 951 are still unused; perhaps one of these could be used for Doktor Porsche's folly?
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Old February 18th, 2023, 09:21 AM
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Exclamation Re: Porsche Konigstiger?

Tank Chats #47 King Tiger | The Tank Museum


"Doktor Porsche's folly?".......... Porshe had NOTHING to do with the design of the turret even though it has been erroneously referred to as the "Porsche turret " for years. Both turrets were designed by Krupp

Henschel won the design contract, and all Tiger IIs were produced by the firm. Two turret designs were used in production vehicles. The initial design is often misleadingly called the "Porsche" turret due to the misbelief that it was designed by Porsche for their Tiger II prototype; in fact it was the initial Krupp design for both prototypes

All of the turrets for the vehicles were the result of work by Krupp as the sole designer

The first batch of turrets, made by Krupp originally for the now-canceled VK45.02(P2) project, did not go to waste and were modified with hydraulic traverse in place of the electrically-powered traverse. These were subsequently fitted to the first 50 VK45.03 chassis from Henschel. These have often been referred to, incorrectly, as the ‘Porsche’ turrets. The subsequent turret, also commonly and incorrectly referred to as the ‘Henschel’ turret
"Doktor Porsche's folly?"....is what is currently referred to as "misinformation"



This is the FIRST LINE on the review

Yes, I know . . . before anyone emails me to correct me that technically this isn't a "Porsche" turret, I know that Krupp actually built both turret styles, but everybody (including Revell) calls this a Porsche turret, so that's what it's being called here.
But no one, up until this post, ever refers to as "Doktor Porsche's folly"

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