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Old August 24th, 2008, 11:58 PM
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World Updated Map -> Isle of Thrones v3.0

My old Dom2 map reworked for Dom3.
Minor changes include adding #allowedplayer lines to prevent placement of sea nations, boosted hoburg provinces slightly, and added some exterior defense to the Isle of Thrones fortress.

Directly from the map file:
63 Land Provinces, NO Sea Provinces.
Designed for 4 players.


He who came before has passed into distant memory, but the legends and ancient
recorded histories recount the horrible strife and chaos that ensued prior to his
ascension. A small group of powerful beings, false gods, spent four score years
battling each other for control of a strategic and magic rich isle located in the
center of the only safe shipping lane across the massive Midrell river. As the
battles and skirmishes weakened each of the beings hold on their claimed lands,
rumors of the rise of true contenders for the title of god forced a truce upon the
group. A meeting of the group was held in an ancient mountain citadel upon the very
isle over which so much blood had been shed. The four most powerful banded together
secretly, and slew the leaders of the weaker bands. This new alliance swore to hold
the all important isle and to try to weather the coming storm in hopes that the
rising pretender gods will slay each other leaving the world to them in the end.
Word spread throughout the realm of the now reclusive masters of the isle and it
became commonly known as the Isle of Thrones.


About the map:
This started as a test map for a domininions II hex map editor that I had been
building. The majority of the tiles used were created by other users for
Arr-Kelaan's hex mapper (which I found while searching the net for hex tilesets
for use with my own program), and modified by myself. The bridges in this map were
created by yours truly. Borders are marked clearly, and rivers are impassable except
by bridges and in the two provinces with docks (marked by ships).

Updated for Dom3 in January of 2007 and tweaked for release 8/24/2008.


Each of the 4 home provinces is worth 1 point, and the Isle
of Thrones is worth 1. Five points wins.

Created with dom2HexMap by Ballbarian.

(Really not to toot my own horn, but this has been one of my favorite maps for short games ever since the Dom2 days. Shortly after getting Dom3 I made minimal changes in order to get it working, but I did not want to re-release it until I had made some small modifications suggested ages ago by shovah and Endoperez. Finally got motivated this weekend. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.)
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RanDom v2 - Map gen & Semirandomizer.
Province Editor - Custom province creation made easier.
God Editor - Custom pretender creation made easier.
Map Forge - Map editor
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