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Old November 12th, 2021, 04:50 PM
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Default How represents "Hybrid war" in SPMBT scenerio

I just thinking about creation of Hybrid war scenario of attack on polish border near Kuźnica-Białostocka. But how represent this new type of war where peoples are using as a human shields. Are beaten and given orders go out there to the border from the other side this who stand on border try to use as little force as possible and keep the line and don't allow to cross. That come to my mind famous scene from Enemy at the gates. So how represents in game friendly fire made intentionally. In case on border both sides are armed but try to avoid guns usage because that my led to war. Guns are sometime used to fire in air by guards who push civilians on fence to scary them and scary soldiers who hold the line on other side. Rapports also say that Belorussia's also throw on polish side "grenades" dummy grenades or some belongings similar in shape from distance also to scary. Who now probably if tension arise and peoples from top command gave orders that will be real shots and real grenades. Also usage of Lasers to blind solider. In that type of scenario everything should be reverse to "normal" war.
  • Points should be granted not for made as many causalities as possible but rather for opposite action route civilians to go back without use of any weapons just by blocking their passage.
  • How represents usage of stones,wood logs and wire cutters from migrant side and tear gas/batons and shields on the other side.
  • How represent Belarusian soldiers who stand behind with propose to push migrants and also usage against them batons and shields and sometimes even fire in air if they have intention to retreat.

So how represent in game engine a war crimes like that where peoples are only a tool a cynical used "biological robots" as I remember from "Chernobyl" miniseries.

I have similar problem when I try made some scenario from Warsaw upraising is many accounts where Germans used during attack inside city women and children's as a human shields to improve strength of armour of their panzer's. Like now migrants they were chased under guns on polish positions to be killed in crossfire and be used as a shield for SS soldiers.

How represents this what we saw in "Enemy at the gates" role of NKVD barricade units soldiers who shots in back of their fellow countrymen's if they even start to think about retreat.

Meaby SPMBT/SPWW2 is founded on too clear moral ground (like middle-aged Knights Just duel) that war is always fought with enemy and one side of the map are my forces and other enemy. And is nothing grey inside game. We haven't civilians catch in crossfire we haven't units who made war crimes and use civilians to protect themselves on battlefield from enemy fire.

But when I looking what happens now with migrants have feeling that "hybrid war" takes all what is in war worst and have nothing to "fair play" fighting which we try to represents inside this both games.

From that reason is nearly impossible to represents this accurately what really happens on border. Because how represents in computer game algorithms provocations with weapons which are intended to scary soldiers on other side and migrants. Cynically used children's and women's to made "enemy" weaken. People with cameras who just wait for some incidents when "enemy" will fire in anger or by accident. How represent this everything what is probably most evil in warfare by use of wicked propaganda/deception and LIES!. Sun Tsu mentioned that such tools my lead to bloodless victories which he cherished mostly.

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Old November 14th, 2021, 11:23 AM
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Default Re: How represents "Hybrid war" in SPMBT scenerio

Originally Posted by blazejos View Post
I just thinking about creation of Hybrid war scenario of attack on polish border near Kuźnica-Białostocka. But how represent this new type of war where peoples are using as a human shields.
I think Suhiir did a Iraq scenario or two where unarmed "civilians" were part of the enemy (AI led) force and the scenario had special victory conditions where the human player was instructed to try to limit the number of killed "civilians", sort of rout them but not destroy them...
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Old November 15th, 2021, 09:01 AM
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Default Re: How represents "Hybrid war" in SPMBT scenerio

There are "Civilians" in the UN OOB that are unarmed. If you want to penalize any Civilian casualties increase their cost using the game editor then clone the unit.

It might work but really..... the game was not designed to simulate something like that so anything that tries will not be 100% satisfactory

If you find you are constantly reacting to your enemy's tactics instead forcing the enemy to react to yours, you are losing the battle....
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Old November 15th, 2021, 09:40 AM
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Default Re: How represents "Hybrid war" in SPMBT scenerio

Yes - there can only be 2 sides and everyone instantly knows which side a unit is on (so no civilians that may "turn into" tangos).

I used civilians in my uganda-tanzania scenario, but these are tanzanaians fleeing the Ugandans.

The game is also set up for regular armed conflict, there is meeting engagement, assault, defend etc. No search and destroy or similar "police" actions. No counter-insurgency or anti-rioter stuff.

But the game is set up with friends and enemies clearly defined and the only action with enemies is shoot to kill. No snatch squads in a riot police type thing - that would be a completely different game engine with those things baked in from the ground up.

So no "hybrid wars" - unless the "little green men" are labelled as "invaders" and can be shot on sight. Which isn't hybrid war by that point, really.

SP games only really can be used for "hot war" not the grey zones. Even "UN" scenarios would only be ones where one faction is actually engaging the peacekeeper UN forces.
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