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Old August 9th, 2011, 11:35 PM
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Post Bronze The Digital Game Becomes Bronze The Cardboard Game!
Press Release Teaser: Shrapnel Games Partners With Spiral Galaxy Games For Bronze The Board Game!   

Bronze The Digital Game Becomes Bronze The Cardboard Game!
Shrapnel Games Partners With Spiral Galaxy Games For Bronze The Board Game!

Cary, NC, 10 August 2011

In PC Gamer magazine reviewer Troy Goodfellow said of Bronze, “Bronze is the best new board game without a board.” In the near future this statement will no longer be true! Publisher Shrapnel Games along with Bronze developer Dreamspike Studios is proud to announce a partnership agreement with Spiral Galaxy Games of the United Kingdom to bring Bronze to the tabletop!

Bronze, the Windows computer game, is a fast paced tile strategy game of area control set in ancient Mesopotamia. Controlling one of twelve historically accurate civilizations of the era, players attempt to dominate maps using ten construction types in historical campaigns, randomly created games, Hotseat play, custom matches, or the exciting Survival mode. Each civilization has its own strengths and weaknesses, meaning Bronze plays completely different depending on which civilization you play. And with no luck to be found in the game, victory or defeat is entirely dependent on how the civilization is played. It is this that attracted Spiral Games Galaxy to the idea of a cardboard conversion.

Dave Gilham of Spiral Galaxy Games remarks, “Bronze caught my eye on BoardGameGeek and having played the demo, and then the full version, I was intrigued with the game play. It’s enjoyable, it’s fast, there is no luck , you win or lose based entirely on your planning and tactics. The different maps and tribes leads to a great replay ability. All good points for a Euro style game.”

Currently Spiral Games Galaxy has begun sending their play testers initial test kits of Bronze the board game. The core gameplay will be the same, although there may be minor changes here and there due to changing it to a social tabletop Eurogame for two players. Initially six civilizations will be included, which will play like their computer counterparts except for a few differences. Terrain and buildings will be the same as the computer game, although the Embassy will not be included. The visuals will be reworked to give them greater detail, so expect the cardboard version to look similar but not identical to the digital version.

While very early in the production cycle the current release estimate is release in the United Kingdom in second or third quarter of 2012. Shrapnel Games will also be carrying it at our Gamers Front for purchase in North America.

This is a very exciting partnership. Dreamspike Studios and Shrapnel Games are really looking forward to what Spiral Galaxy Games will be bringing to tabletop gamers with their incarnation of Bronze.

If you have not yet tried Bronze, the computer game, what are you waiting for? Available as a download (only) for Windows at the low price of $29.95, Bronze is the highly addictive puzzle-strategy game that brings tabletop Euorgaming to your PC.

As one of twelve civilizations conquer the fertile lands of Mesopotamia through the clever use of tile placement. Dominate the field with armies, farms, mines, and more, in this innovative twist on the empire building genre. Easy mechanics gets anyone right into the game (along with a tutorial), and its laid back turn based nature allows players to carefully think out their strategies.

Praised by critics and fans alike, Bronze is a unique strategy experience. Play the demo and read more about the game at its official product page, here:


And for more great independent strategy games be sure to visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com for our complete lineup. From fast playing lunch break titles like Bronze and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, to the epic battlefields of Dominions 3: The Awakening and the realism of Air Assault Task Force, Shrapnel Games has a variety of games for a variety of tastes available for immediate purchase.

About Spiral Galaxy Games

Spiral Galaxy Games, based in the United Kingdom, was created to reprint Canal Mania (a Ragnar Brothers Game), this occurred back in 2009. In the same year we also co-published with Ragnar Brothers a reworking of their classic game History of the World.

The new version was designed to reduce playing time and fix a few other issues with the original. This was released at Essen 2009 and has sold well. In 2010 we were working on a card game, Braggart, that was eventually released in November 2010.

This game has sold very well in the UK and has won the Best New Card Game at the UK Games Expo in June 2011. Currently Spiral Galaxy are working on three board games which are planed for release in 2012. Additionally, over the last few years Spiral Galaxy has developed its distribution business in the UK and now imports a number of games titles to the UK market.

About Dreamspike Studios

Dreamspike Studios is a game development company based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are a group of talented artists and designers led by a sister-brother duo. We specialize in making unique and truly challenging strategy games that are like nothing else out there. We have been entertaining gamers since 2008, and Bronze is our most ambitious effort to date.

About Shrapnel Games

Founded in 1999 by industry veteran Tim Brooks in response to the shunning of the consim market by mainstream publishers, Shrapnel Games was one of the earliest publishers to take to an online-only approach. Starting small, eleven years later we are pleased to continue to offer gamers choices outside the mainstream that are some of the most exciting and addictive games you’ll ever play.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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