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Old January 8th, 2024, 05:45 AM
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Post Happy New Year!
Press Release Teaser: 2024 Shrapnel Games' January Savings!   

Happy New Year!
2024 Shrapnel Games' January Savings!

Wilmington, NC, 8 January 2024

Hope your Holidays were Festive. Now we're into a new year and the winter grind is back in full swing. It's time to settle in, relax and enjoy playing the very best in independent strategy and war gaming. To help you get going, from January 8 thru January 23 all our in-stock titles are being heavily discounted!

Wargamers will love such titles as War Plan Pacific, and the Enhanced Edition of winSPWW2. Ther are huge savings on both of these titles. War Plan Pacific is an exciting game that will remind gamers of the classic Victory in the Pacific. From Pearl Harbor to the surrender of Japan in a single session, War Plan Pacific fast paced yet retains a sense of history. winSPWW2 is the Windows version of Steel Panthers set in World War II.

Gamers will also want to look at winSPMBT: Main Battle Tank ($33.95) and World Supremacy ($19.95). World Supremacy is a game of global conquest set in the modern era and winSPMBT is the modern era Windows version of Steel Panthers.

Hardcore strategy gamers looking for the very best in modern warfare simulations will appreciate the entire ProSIM line of games being on sale. BCT Commander ($14.95), Air Assault Task Force ($31.95), ATF: Armored Task Force ($21.95), The Falklands War: 1982 ($31.95), Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War ($31.95) and The Star and the Crescent ($31.95). Take on a serious wargame with the micro-title, Battle Group Commander, for only $9.95.

Then there are the lighter strategy games. Perfect for the beer and pretzels crowd, you have Bronze ($19.95), a game of conquest in the ancient world, and Air Command 3.0 ($19.95), an air traffic control simulation.

Of course there is Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa, a single-player, action orientated dungeonbash of unlimited potential for $11.95.

Remember the sale prices are in effect thru January 23rd! For more information on any of the games, including checking out demos, be sure to stop by www.shrapnelgames.com and view our complete catalog. There you'll find full details on the individual titles, bonus items, and links to purchase.

Since 1999 Shrapnel Games has been delivering the very best in independent strategy gaming.
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