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Old January 10th, 2021, 11:48 AM
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Default African OOB Thread

This is a consolidated thread for African OOBs, to avoid spamming the forum with eleven billion threads.

To help Don and Andy, include the OBAT number; e.g.

OBAT 049 - Cuba (the Cubans did a LOT of fighting directly)
OBAT 052 - South Africa
OBAT 061 - Nigeria
OBAT 062 - Chad
OBAT 063 - Ethiopia
OBAT 067 - Sudan
OBAT 069 - Kenya
OBAT 076 - South Yemen
OBAT 077 - Yemen
OBAT 078 - Eritrea
OBAT 081 - Mozambique
OBAT 086 - Rhodesia
OBAT 088 - Somalia
OBAT 089 - Tanzania
OBAT 090 - Uganda

OBAT 080 - UN (for specific pieces of UN equipment seen in African wars)

When you post.


To start off this thread, DRG asked some data about Ethiopian equipment end dates:

OBAT 063 - Ethiopia

Source: IISS Military Balance 2019

245+ x T-54/55/62 (still in service)
215 x T-72B. (still in service)
100 x BRDM 1/2 (still in service)
20 x BMP-1 (still in service)
300 x BTR-60 or BTR-152 (still in service)
10 x 2S1 Gvozdika SPH (still in service)

There is a few additions that are currently not in the Ethopian OOB:

20 x 2S19 152mm Msta-S (1998-Present), of which 10 are reported still active in 2019.

8 x Mi-8MT/Mi-17 variants (of the Mi-17V-5 version) were delivered 2009-10 -- these are basically already in the game in OBAT 018 - INDIA unit Slot 115, Mi-17V5.

75 x Thunder MRAPs -- produced 2013-2017.


Basically, it's a MRAP developed by a Israeli company and after the first few units, produced locally in Ethiopia:

The «Thunder» is a multi-purpose 4×4 armored vehicle. It carries up to 12 people.
Light protection level and 1.8-ton payload.
Typical applications: personnel carrier, police logistics, Peacekeeping, ambulance among other purposes.

Question Mark:
The SIPRI register of arms trades says that in 1998, the Russians sold 10 x 2S5 152mm 2S5 Giatsint-S to Ethiopia, but the IISS military balance say it's not in service as of 2005. I'm not quite sure whether or not 2S5 actually went anywhere. It may have been sold to Ethopia briefly in 1998 to give Ethopia experience in operating 152mm artillery until the 2S19 units they ordered arrived.
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