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Old June 21st, 2018, 06:40 AM
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Post Beat the Heat With The Shrapnel Games Summer Sale!
Press Release Teaser: Cool Independent Strategy Games On Sale Now!   

Beat the Heat With The Shrapnel Games Summer Sale!
Cool Independent Strategy Games On Sale Now!

Wilmington, NC, 21 June 2018

Shrapnel Games has your cure for the summertime heat! From now thru July 5th we're having a cool sale on all our hot gaming titles. Cool off with games shipped to your door or downloaded directly to your hard drive. Games of grand strategy, of war, of fantasy and space. Award winners, mod friendly, and critically acclaimed. They're all on sale at Shrapnel Games official store, the Gamers Front.

Let's check out the cool discounts...

Save $5.00 off these hot titles:

Battle Group Commander Episode One - A real time simulation of modern warfare between Brits and Soviets. A mini-game that features everything that makes the full ProSIM games great, but at a fraction of their size.

BCT Commander - Combined arms warfare at a brigade/regimental level around the world using ProSIM's trademark command time gameplay. Gamespot called it "outstanding", Computer Games Magazine awarded it 4 out of 5 stars and we say, 'how cool is that!'

War Plan Pacific - Command fleets, air groups, and amphib assaults! Featuring multiple victory conditions, not to mention a slew of fatalities and secret endings, this is THE Pacific game to have on your on your hard drive.

winSPMBT Enhanced Edition - Classic wargaming is not dead! Hundreds of scenarios and endless tactics provide players with a game of infinite possibilities, only matched by its companion title, winSPWW2.

winSPWW2 Enhanced Edition - Shermans, Panthers, and Cromwells fight on the beaches, in the fields, and beyond. Way too much gaming is contained here, with hundreds of hours of scenarios, campaigns, and quick battles.

For the following games you'll save $6.00 off their normal price:

Air Assault Task Force - This one is really hot! Cool off by cranking up the Wagner and bringing death from above in another superb modern warfare simulation from ProSIM.

ATF: Armored Task Force - Featuring tanks, tanks, and more tanks. Globe trotting fun in which yes, you blow the crap out of the enemy. Does an excellent job of reminding oneself of the little pleasures in life.

The Falklands War: 1982 - At the bottom of the world the British and Argentineans faced each other in a battle of Exocets and Harriers. Modeling combat down to bayonet charges, this entry in the ProSIM line features everything you've come to expect from ProSIM: tense, exciting scenarios using real world maps and equipment that raises the bar on what a computer wargame can be.

Salvo! - When naval warfare consisted of wooden ships, colorfully dressed sailors, and big balls. Relive the glory days of cannons and ships that burn with Salvo!.

The Star and the Crescent - Arab-Israeli conflicts, both historical and hypothetical. Perfect for the armor enthusiast.

Save $7.00 off these cool games:

Approaching Infinity. A game of infinite intergalactic exploration and adventure. A rogue-like game set amongst the stars. Did we say infinite playability?

Bronze. Eurogaming on your PC. Fast paced tile laying game of area conquest. Bronze is the new gold.

Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War - Tired of watching the news and seeing South Korea constantly being picked on by North Korea? Total warfare on the peninsula in this intense real-time strategy game of modern warfare.

World Supremacy. So one day you’re sitting around minding your own business when you’re invaded by a horde of tanks. What do you do? Why, take the world over! Blending sensible beer and pretzels board gaming with computer gaming, World Supremacy is a violent romp of domination.

Save $10.00 off these hot titles:

Air Command 3.0 - A game about air traffic control. Definitely a different take on what strategy games can offer, Air Command 3.0 offers tense, exciting gameplay in a world that isn't fantasy, WW2, or the ACW. Naps not included.

Scallywag: In the Lair of the Medusa - Who doesn't like to kill monsters and take their loot? Dungeon crawl your way to killing lots of creatures whose only crime is wanting to kill you first. Then whip up your own adventures.

So there you have them, all our titles on sale thru July 5th. Right now there's no better time to stay indoors and play computer games. Stay in, beat the heat, complete your Shrapnel Games library, and have some really cool discounted fun!

To head directly to our store please visit http://www.gamersfront.com/store/index.php, and for more information on any of the above titles, including system requirements and demos, please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com.
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