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Old October 17th, 2005, 05:04 PM
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Default The Star and the Crescent Now Shipping!
Press Release Teaser: The Clash Of Armor In The Desert Rumbles Onto Your Computer!   

News Release For Immediate Release

The Star and the Crescent Now Shipping!
The Clash Of Armor In The Desert Rumbles Onto Your Computer!

Hampstead, NC, 17 October 2005

The Star and the Crescent, the latest modern warfare simulation title from ProSIM
Company, is now shipping worldwide! Originally slated to ship near the end of
September, the production unfortunately hit a few snags that delayed the release until
today. Gamers who have pre-ordered this title should expect to be the first ones to
receive it, which will of course depend on where you live.

The Star and the Crescent is a Windows-based real-time simulation of modern combined
arms warfare during the Arab-Israeli Wars, developed by ProSIM Company and designer
PanClan Game Design (who also designed Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War).
Using an enhanced ATF: Armored Task Force game engine, the same engine that has
also been applied to real-world defense applications, players will refight battles between
the state of Israel and its Arab neighbors in '56, '67, '73, and then do battle in
hypothetical future clashes. It features both a strong single-player element, along with
plenty of multiplayer elements and the ability to create your own scenarios.

The Star and the Crescent, since it focuses on the Arab-Israeli Wars, returns to the roots
of the ATF series of games, with a great emphasis on armored combat. That's not to say
the other services get shorted, as you can expect to explore the full range of combatants
on the modern battlefield, including the important role of air support. And with a newly
tooled radar model in place that covers radar types from fire control to airborne, the
modern battlefield has never been more lethal on your screen.

Like other ProSIM titles, The Star and the Crescent takes itself very seriously. While the
real-time nature may conjure up images of tank rushes, it is important to note the
simulation aspect tacked onto the real-time. The Star and the Crescent is a deep,
engaging title that rewards players who are looking for a serious, detail-orientated
wargame that doesn't simply reward the player who can compute the best odds ratio. On
The Star and the Crescent virtual battlefield it's not enough to think like a desktop
general, you have to think like a real general. ProSIM titles feature a list of features that
all can be classified under the umbrella of "the most accurate you'll find in a commercial
product", such as.

* The most realistically modeled weapon systems. Penetration is computed by where
the shot hits, with each individual unit modeled with realistic armor values. Artillery
systems are especially given the royal treatment.

* The most realistically modeled terrain features. Maps are based on real-world
topographical regional maps, with a continuous elevation model that allows
commanders to truly put tanks into a hull-down position, rather than an arbitrary
defense bonus.

* Multiple unit skill levels allow realistic engagements and players to explore "what if"
situations based on how training effects the battle.

The Star and the Crescent retails for $44.95 and may be purchased through the Shrapnel
Games' electronic storefront, the Gamers Front at www.gamersfront.com. It is available
only for Windows. To try before you buy please visit
www.shrapnelgames.com/prosim/tsatc/6.htm for the official demo that includes two
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