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Old August 3rd, 2009, 05:13 PM
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Default Re: Warhammer Nation: Bretonnia, Knights of the Grail v.0.6

Originally Posted by Humakty View Post
I spotted both heroic weapons were length 0, isn't it supposed to be 2 for the sword and 4 for the lance ?
Yeah, you're right. Will be fixed for the next version.

Originally Posted by Humakty View Post
I'm also wondering why breton lances deal only 8 damage, as opposed to the 16 damage of the regular lance.
The Breton Heavy Lance allows for strenght, unlike normal lance. So it's basically 18-20 damage (depending on the knight in question) and allows the damage to be boosted by Earth Might/ Virtue of Nobility

Originally Posted by Humakty View Post
In the fluff, aren't the peasants using hereditary longbows inspired from their elven neighbours's ones ? But maybe I'm mistaken on this one.
Yeah, the Bowmen use longbows in WRFB, but it doesn't translate well to dominions 3. No matter how weak I make them, longbows are just that awesome that they'd overshadow the Knights by a wide margin. Bretonnia is a nation of Knights, not of peasant bowmen hiding behind yeomen arrow cathers.

Originally Posted by Humakty View Post
I find the ressource cost really high for a cap only sacred (grail knights).
Well, they deserve it. Defense 18 + prot 20 + awe makes them practically invincible to regular troops. 2 of them with some peasant bowmen can easily conquer most independent provinces. Without bless. Don't forget the Grail Virtues, too. And the unrest reduction.

Originally Posted by Humakty View Post
Overall their cavalry seems like nothing to write home about (more so compared to cbm varieties), I much prefer marignon/man/ulm one.
It' pretty easy to miss, but the Knights have "Destrier Hoof" that's basically boosted version of CBM "Warhorse Hoof". Also even Knight Errants boast armor equal to Knights of the Chalice/MA Man Knights. The jump from prot 17 to 20 is huge, making sure that most human spears can't afflict your precious knights even with lucky rolls. It also makes them suprisingly resilient to crossbows.
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