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Old March 19th, 2022, 09:51 PM

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Default Long-term opponent or one-time opponent all welcome

Hey guys. Ultimately i`m looking for an opponent to play an improvised "campaign". Where we would choose our starting country and stick to it through the battles to follow. The campaign flow is simple:

1) a meeting engagement of 1000-1200 BP`s as an onset of the conflict, say in 1941.

2) depending on the outcome of the first battle, the next battle can progress one or two steps in campaign. (-2)_(-1)_(0)_(+1)_(+2) Where (0) is a meeting engagement battle, (±1) is advance/defense battle and (±2) is an assault. Marginal victory gives a 1 point advance for the winner, decisive victory gives 2 points, indecisive battle gives 0. So in order to win a campaign, one side has to either get a decisive victory in an advance battle, or any victory in an assault.

3) Each following battle increases in scale (we can decide on the BP increments, decrease in BP`s or staying at the same scale is also negotiable) and advances ~1 year (so if the conflict drags on will switch to SPMBT and continue from there)

I am also ready for a 1000~BP warmup battle anytime.
Leave your email address or Discord id or send me a PM.
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