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Old March 31st, 2010, 12:23 AM
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Post Incoming! winSPMBT Version 5.0 Upgrade Strikes On Target!
Press Release Teaser: Newest Upgrade Patch Available For Immediate Download!   

Incoming! winSPMBT Version 5.0 Upgrade Strikes On Target!
Newest Upgrade Patch Available For Immediate Download!

Cary, NC, 31 March 2010

Fans of modern combined arms tactical combat will be pleased to learn that their turn-based game of choice, Camo Workshop's winSPMBT, has just been refitted to version 5.0. This exciting upgrade is packed with new content, gameplay enhancements, and the destruction of bugs.

The version 5.0 upgrade is applicable to both the free downloadable version and the Enhanced Edition (which can be purchased either as a physical product shipped to you or as an immediate download through the all new official Shrapnel Games e-store, the Gamers Front) of winSPMBT. It is important to note that if you have missed out on any of the previous upgrade patches you must download and apply the patches in numerical order. These are not comprehensive patches. Additionally, if you are currently playing in a secure PBEM game DO NOT upgrade until after the game is complete. Upgrading in the middle of a secure PBEM game will cause the game to fail.

The version 5.0 upgrade patch includes the following:
  • 19 brand new scenarios
  • 53 updated existing scenarios
  • 130 new photos
  • 159 new and revised icons
  • 92 updated OOB files
  • 19 new and revised graphic files
  • 19 new and revised text files
  • 2 new and 1 revised sound file
  • 11 brand new maps
  • Complete picklist update
  • Upgraded Cost Calculator, MOBHack, ScenHack
  • ArmourCalc and APCalc programs added (see below for more info)

Besides everything listed above the 5.0 upgrade also includes many, many more changes. What follows is a sample of some of these changes, some of which will be familiar to players of winSPMBT's companion game, winSPWW2.
  • A new explosives class has been added to the game, allowing for self-detonated and command detonated explosives.
  • MOBHack will now retain the nation when "Paste as target nation" box is selected when copying formations from one nation to another.
  • Passengers dismounting into a minefield hex (including helicopters landing to dismount passengers) will now be tested to see if the minefield is set off.
  • A bug allowed players to change from regular HE to cluster while a barrage was on the way or in progress. This has been corrected and it is no longer possible.
  • Erroneous weapon list entries have been eliminated and all weapons of one type now have the same stats in every OOB in which they appear.
  • Scout vehicles now provide protected carry to passengers if the front steel armor is greater than zero.
  • A new battle location has been added when playing China versus India that is hilly or mountainous with snow between October and March.
  • No longer can one buy air strikes in campaign cores.
  • One can no longer move, look around, then undo when playing against the AI. The undo function still works but only if you do not look around to check LOS.
  • New code cuts down on the number of fires that start when flame weapons are used. Along the same line new code has been added to lower the number of "999" penetrations for flame weapons, and new animation code and graphics have been added for flame weapons.
  • Many OOB corrections and additions. In fact, the completed "to do" list would print out to over 110 pages. The OOBs are a constant work in progress so as new information on the world's TO&E's are uncovered or future weapon system dates are changed or cancelled expect to see the OOBs change with them.
  • Two development programs have been added: ArmourCalc and APCalc. ArmourCalc allows users to enter armor thickness and angle and get the calculation from that. APCalc reads the weapon data in an OOB and displays potential armor penetration at multiple range increments by ammo type.

There are other changes to be found in the 5.0 upgrade, please check your electronic manual for the game that is found under its program group for a complete list of all changes found in the patch once it is applied.

winSPMBT begins where winSPWW2 ends. Featuring combined arms land warfare from 1946 until 2020 players can immerse themselves in a virtual tabletop world of tactical wargaming. Featuring both hexes and turn-based play, winSPBMT is the perfect PC game for anyone who grew up during the glory years of Avalon Hill and SPI and fondly recall Saturdays spent huddled around a dining room table pushing counters and computing combat ratios.

winSPMBT is for Windows and is available in both a fully featured free version and an Enhanced Edition for only $39.95. The Enhanced Edition allows higher resolutions (up to 1600x1200-gorgeous!-in both full screen and windowed modes), 250 PBEM save slots, separate map editor with cut and paste functions and twelve levels of undo/redo, encrypted secure tournament play, and encyclopedia sorting by class, type, and date. The Enhanced Edition comes in both a physical product and a download, with the physical product shipping with a printed quick-start guide.

To download the version 5.0 upgrade patch or to find out more information on winSPMBT please visit its official product page at Shrapnel Games:


For more great modern wargaming goodness please visit www.shrapnelgames.com for our complete catalog of exciting and award-winning independent titles including the complete family of modern warfare simulations from the masters of ProSIM. If World War Two is more your style be sure to check out War Plan Pacific and winSPWW2, while fantasy wargamers will enjoy Dominions 3: The Awakening. Titles are available as both physical and downloadable editions, and while most of our games are strictly for Windows we do also carry Mac and Linux friendly titles.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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Old March 19th, 2011, 09:14 AM

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Default Re: Incoming! winSPMBT Version 5.0 Upgrade Strikes On Target!

Is there a list that tells the new scenerio numbers?
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Old March 20th, 2011, 10:25 PM
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Default Re: Incoming! winSPMBT Version 5.0 Upgrade Strikes On Target!


You'll probably get a quick (and accurate) answer if you post your question in The Camo Workshop forums just below this one - either in the winSPMBT or winSPWW2 areas, depending on which game you're playing. I'm sorry I don't have the list to give you myself, but Don and Andy will see your question and answer you there.

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