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Old April 8th, 2015, 04:59 AM
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Post Available Now, The 2015 winSPWW2 And winSPMBT Upgrades!
Press Release Teaser: The Greatest Tactical Wargames, Now With Even More Greatness!   

Available Now, The 2015 winSPWW2 And winSPMBT Upgrades!
The Greatest Tactical Wargames, Now With Even More Greatness!

Wilmington, NC, 08 April 2015

Can you feel it? The crackle of electricity in the air. That tingle of anticipation running down your spine. It's that time of year. Once more the season is upon us! The winSPWW2 and winSPMBT upgrades of awesome awesomeness season! Two whirlwinds of content set to shatter your expectations of just how good these two games can get are heading your way.

Available for immediate download from Shrapnel Games, the version 8.0 winSPWW2 and version 9.0 winSPMBT upgrade patches continue the annual tradition of improving the winSPWW2 and winSPMBT experience with more content, additional enhancements, and when needed, the elimination of errors. These are consolidation upgrades, allowing those who have not previously upgraded an easier path to bring their games up to date. The following are the upgrades by the number.

winSPWW2 version 8.0 consolidation upgrade includes:
•10 New scenarios.
•27 Revised scenarios.
•3 Revised campaigns.
•5 Revised campaign files.
•9 New or revised maps.
•1,561 New or revised photos.
•88 New or revised icons.
•36 Updated OOB files.
•40 Revised icon graphic files.
•109 New or revised text files.
•Upgraded Cost Calculator.

winSPMBT version 9.0 consolidation upgrade features:
•19 New scenarios.
•4 Revised scenarios.
•3 Campaigns added.
•2 Revised campaigns.
•46 Revised campaign files.
•4 New or revised map files.
•530 New or revised photos.
•100 New or revised icons.
•93 Updated OOB files.
•1 New OOB.
•36 New or revised icon graphic files.
•106 New or revised text files.
•1 Revised picklist file.
•Upgraded Game Options.
•Upgraded MBT_APCalc.
•Upgraded Cost Calculator.
•Upgraded ScenHack.
•Upgraded Camo Map Editor.

As you can see a heckuva a lot of content just by the numbers, but now let us explore some of the specific code changes.

* The Direct/General support artillery cheap bug has been fixed. If player 1 bought direct/general support artillery and then immediately let the AI purchase its units a bug would allow the AI to purchase its units at a reduced cost. Bad AI, no biscuit for you! Fixed.

* A Campaign wide river bug has been fixed. Ice edited into a map being incorrectly reported as "tramlines" has also been corrected.

* The exit Hotkey ("x") was the same as another pre-existing hotkey. Uh-oh. The exit Hotkey is now the forward slash ("/").

* ISIS has been added to the Mujahideen OOB. That's right, now players can fight everyone's favorite wacky animated spy agency! Let the hijinks begin! Ohhhhh…not THAT ISIS. Sorry, apparently it's the other, much less wacky, ISIS group (aka ISIL).

* A new nation has been added, Georgian, and the Chechen OOB end date is now May 2000.

* As gamers grow older the Mark II eyeball tends to fail. Camo Workshop to your aid! Numerous screens have been revamped to provide more contrast to the text, making the text easier to read.

* Shallow water, which was introduced years ago, has had its behavior modified for the better. Previously the only effect shallow water (such as near a beach) would have is modifying the speed of units crossing it. When a unit was destroyed in shallow water that carried passengers or crew all hands would be lost-glub, glub, glub. No longer. Now, when those same units are knocked out in shallow water there is a chance for crew/passengers to be ejected and wade to shore. No word on whether water wing graphics have been added.

Another change to the handling of shallow water is now scenario designers can directly edit shallow water hexes.

. . .and a few more changes. Check the updated release notes in your online manual after the upgrades are applied for a complete listing.

The upgrades can be downloaded directly from the individual product pages. Just look for the links under the 'Downloads' section.

Please note if you are currently playing in a secure PBEM game applying the patch WILL cause your game to FAIL. And it won't be one of those cute cat fails either, it will be a hard, you cannot complete your current PBEM game fail, and no meme will change that. So be smart, wait until completing your game, and then make sure to patch up.

Get the winSPWW2 patch here.

Get the winSPMBT patch here.

Both winSPWW2 and winSPMBT are available as fully featured FREE downloads or Enhanced Editions (CD or Download). The Enhanced Editions are not different in the core gameplay, but provide a lot of extra bells and whistles for the Steel Panthers connoisseur. Both games work with even the latest version of Windows.

To understand how impressive winSPWW2 and winSMBT are consider that the pedigree can be traced back to a super-mod in 1998, and now, seventeen years later there is still content being added. So go ahead all you treadheads, grognards, and rivet counters, get stranded on that desert island, because these are the only two games you'll ever need. winSPWW2 and winSPMBT are the classic turn-based tactical wargames by which all other turn-based tactical wargaming should be measured. Scenarios, campaigns, and the ultimate quick game generator provide thousands of hours of play, not to mention how easy it is to create your own scenarios.

Please visit Shrapnel Games at www.shrapnelgames.com to join the winSPWW2 and winSPMBT discussions. While there check out our entire catalog, including our latest release, Approaching Infinity, the procedurally generated game of sci-fi exploration that will have you muttering "Just one more sector..." well into the wee hours of the morning.

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Old April 8th, 2015, 04:41 PM

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Default Re: Available Now, The 2015 winSPWW2 And winSPMBT Upgrades!

This is exciting news! Congrats on another release!
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Old April 8th, 2015, 10:20 PM

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Default Re: Available Now, The 2015 winSPWW2 And winSPMBT Upgrades!

Sweeeeeeeeet! I waited a good long year for this! :P Fortunately on the last battle of a PBEM campaign with someone right now, can't wait to install!
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Old April 9th, 2015, 12:32 PM

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Default Re: Available Now, The 2015 winSPWW2 And winSPMBT Upgrades!

These remain the best games ever!
Thanks so much for the upgrades.
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