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Old March 6th, 2013, 11:02 AM
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Default Grogheads slow game (5 day interval) [looking for players]

Over at Grogheads Wargaming Community forums we have been starting up some Dominions 3.
Most players here are still new to the game and on top of that we have at least one player who need longer turn intervals.
In order to have a bigger game we thought it would be a good idea to co-host a thread here in order to try getting more players in.
The idea is to play a slow turn interval game with new(er) players on the Cradle of Dominion map.
See below for more details so far.

Last update: Mar 6th 2013

Host:PBEM Llamaserver.
Age: TBA
Map: Cradle of Dominion
How Often on Turns: slow 5 day interval.
Number of Players: 5 confirmed, looking for more
Mods: CBM 1.94 mod (if we agree) and I personally use the Streamers and Standards Mod (llamabeast version), Upgraded Sprites Mod and the Community Sprites Mod.
Non-Standard Settings: Special Site freq. 45%, Hall of Fame entries 15, Renaming is allowed, No graphs, Independents 7
Victory Conditions: Last one standing
Diplomacy Policy: None; do as you wish, keeping in mind consequences in future games, as well as later in that game (if you stab someone early, any alliance later in that game is likely to prove less trustworthy). Trades should be fulfilled
Cheesy Tricks: New players won't know them and won't be ready for them. This is things like sending 50 bad items to someone right as they put up forge of the ancients to make them waste gems; using scouts to constantly siege someone's fortress; and there are probably a few others I historically read about but have since forgotten.

My race:
JasonPratt: Vanheim

Note: Please mind that this is supposed to be a newbie friendly game, so leave the stronger nations for the newbies and be so kind as to choose a weaker nation if you have enough experience with Dom 3. We should all be able to learn from eachother.

Note2: The hosting time limits are slightly indicative, but we are pressed to make them whenever possible. In other words; if you can't make the turn limit, be sure to post in this thread to let me know in advance so I can extend the time in the llamaserver.
Better yet is sending me an email, which you have gotten in a PM.
I have an irregular working schedule with stops abroad sometimes, so I might put in the odd request for a few more hours/days as well. I hope we can all be flexible about this. If not, then please say so up front.

Note3: (By Lung Drago) As this is a newbie game I optimistically do not expect to meet problems regarding using of exploits that I stumbled upon reading on these forums. But just for the record, I dislike such behavior. Stay fair, people. If you cannot swallow a defeat, then you will be a newbie forever. In spirit of my previous sentence, please do not go AI after a single major battle lost
I will keep this fist post updated with status changes and info as it comes through.

Note4: Remember to keep an eye on the turn interval. I will update changes in interval in this thread.
Be sure to report EARLY if you will not be able to send in a turn in time.
WE CANNOT USE THE ROLLBACK FEATURE! Due to possible savegame corruption.

(Thanks to 3V4JKZ2 for the above format )

Note 5:
If we do go vanilla I recommend to go for Worthy Heroes too (included in CBM already) to make recruiting Hero's better balanced for all nations.

Note 6:
I want to put a very good project into the spotlight made by a player called momfreak.
Mod Inspector

This webpage enables you to select some mods that you will be using for the game and then display accurate information about all the spells and items in the game.
You can also view the stock vanilla game data with this webpage.
Super handy as reference.

Note 7: When the game is setup you will all need to send your pretender to Llamaserver.
You can send your pretender file as an attachment to:


You can find your pretender file in your Dominions 3\savegames\newlords folder.
it has a file format __0.2h

It will overwrite and old pretenders for the same era/nation.

After all the pretenders have been sent in the game can be kicked off and you will receive your turns in the mail.
Just send your turn back to turns@llamaserver.net (probably just reply to sender)

Only send in the .2h file. The .trn file is only sent by Llama to YOU.

For a FAQ on Llamaserver go here
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