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Old July 5th, 2011, 07:36 AM
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Post From Sea To Sky Comes The July Gamers Front Special Assault!
Press Release Teaser: New Monthly Specials From Shrapnel Games Now Available!   

From Sea To Sky Comes The July Gamers Front Special Assault!
New Monthly Specials From Shrapnel Games Now Available!

Cary, NC, 05 July 2011

Every month Shrapnel Games selects two titles to discount for the entire month. For the month of July we are pleased to offer two exhilarating wargames covering wildly divergent gameplay and subject matter. ProSIM’s Air Assault Task Force, a real-time simulation of modern airmobile operations and the turn-based game of fighting sail, Salvo! from SprueGames, are our choices for this month's specials.

Air Assault Task Force, developed by ProSIM, is an exciting simulation of modern warfare played out in a pausable real-time environment focusing on helicopter operations conducted by the United States. Shipping with three full campaigns and two mini-campaigns (and a full-featured scenario editor for user created scenarios), the five campaigns cover decades of helicopter warfare including Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, and the Joint Readiness Training Center in Louisiana.

ProSIM has a reputation as creating powerful commercial simulations that rival defense department applications (it helps that ProSIM upguns their commercial titles for actual defense training tools around the globe) and Air Assault Task Force keeps the tradition alive. All maps are based on digital elevation models from the real world, and an extensive unit database of friendly and enemy weapon platforms covers the spectrum of hardware encountered in the field. Improved damage modeling allows individual weapon destruction along with personnel injuries, and enhanced targeting algorithms refits an already killer AI with even more ways to challenge the player.

An overhauled UI makes it easy for new players to get into Air Assault Task Force, while vets of earlier ProSIM titles will appreciate the easier order input method. Speaking of series vets Air Assault Task Force is fully backwards compatible with older ProSIM titles, upgrading those scenarios with all the improvements found in Air Assault Task Force!

Larry Levandowski on Armchair General had this to say about Air Assault Task Force:

“Air Assault is a great way for players to experience some of the danger and challenges of conducting an air assault without actually participating in the real thing. The game has a strong professional military pedigree, making it just as much a command simulation as it is a war game. This might seem a steep slope to climb for those without military experience, but once the player becomes familiar with the concepts, they will start to wonder why more war games aren’t designed this way.”

Air Assault Task Force is available for Windows as a physical product or download. It is on sale all month long for only $33.95 (regularly $39.95). For more information on the title, and to download a demo, please visit its product page:


Blue sky above, blue water beneath, and the flash of white hot death from afar. Shrieking cannonballs slam into wooden hulls, canvas, rope, and flesh, shattering all alike. The stench of powder and blood hang heavy in the air, as hungry sharks circle the battle, eagerly awaiting to feed upon the victims of man’s madness. This is an era of stout ships and hearts of oak, of glory and honor upon the high seas, of outthinking and out fighting your enemy. This is the Age of Fighting Sail. This is Salvo!.

Salvo! is a thrilling turn-based strategy game of naval warfare during the Age of Sail developed by SprueGames. Very comprehensive, 17th through 19th century ships and battles involving England, Spain, France, the Netherlands, United States, and pirates are included along with plenty of scenarios showcasing their nautical efforts.

Unlike some Fighting Sail games the interface has been designed to make playing the game as efficient regardless of the size of the battle. Whether fighting a ship on ship duel or commanding an entire fleet, the Action Marker and squadron control order system turns every gamer into a desktop Nelson.

Shallow water, land, variable winds, shore batteries, boarding actions, prize ships, and more can all be found in Salvo!, making Salvo! truly the most comprehensive computer game on the subject. Multiple branching campaigns and scenarios really give it its sea legs, and of course multiplayer is supported (including PC versus Mac PBEM gaming), and a full featured editor allows creation/modification of ships and battles. Salvo! is really the very last Age of Fighting Sail game you’ll ever need!

Noted naval gaming expert Jim Cobb said of Salvo! at Subsim.com, “Every serious student of the Age of Sail needs this game.” Pat Miller of Applelinks raved, “…turn-based tacticians out there who love to obsess about this kind of stuff, Salvo! is definitely the game for you.”

Experience the best in Fighting Sail by visiting its official product page, located here:


Salvo! is available for both Windows and Mac for only $33.95 (normally $39.95) all month long. The physical edition contains both Win and Mac, and it is available for download for individual operating systems.

To purchase either of these great titles you can visit the Gamers Front, the official Shrapnel Games online store, throughout July here:


For more great games please visit us at www.shrapnelgames.com and enjoy our entire catalog of independent strategy titles, check out our forums, download some free games, or sign up for our newsletter. Our most recent releases include Bronze and World Supremacy.

For press related information please contact Scott R. Krol by using the following form: http://www.shrapnelgames.com/forms/c...nel_games.html

To visit our company blog go to: forum.shrapnelgames.com/blog.php
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