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Old December 4th, 2008, 10:06 PM

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Default Re: Warhammer "Chaos Undivided" race

Bump in the hope that maybe this mod can be reworked a bit for the next warhammer-based mod game. Plus a few thoughts.

First, nurgle units. I think all the nurgle units should be given 0 encumbrance, or at least from the chosen on up. It's more dominionsy and would make them more attractive. Also, their flails only doing 1 damage is just too low, even with multiple attacks. Although, if the nurgle warriors were made to have 0 encumbrance they might be able to do without a stronger weapon as chaff killers/blockers just fine. Flail armed marauders, on the other hand, are not really very well off. Also, I think when you got to the lords and champions you got the hp mixed up between nurgle and khorne, because the khornate units start having more health. This may be true for greater demons also, I haven't gotten that far in my game yet.

I'm also not sure I like tzeentch's warriors either. They don't feel strange enough, and perhaps aren't different enough from Khorne's.

Slaaneshi warriors I think have too much defense. Of course, the encumbrance kills them, but until then, they're incredibly tough. Actually I was fighting them with the ogres at one point and it was completely hopeless on my end, I could hardly hurt them. And the chosen warriors are much worse, especially with an earth bless to lessen encumbrance issues.

The lords are fun and thematically interesting but for the purposes of balance I think they might be a little excessive. For example, the lord of Khorne can solo almost any independant province, and the lord of Slaanesh can solo many independants as well. Actually the lord of Tzeentch is probably the only one that can't solo indy provinces from turn 1. And a lord of Khorne with no more than a dozen knights can kill large armies with no losses. Which may partly be because the knights are too strong... I think the chaos steed hoof and bite attack is a bit too powerful at 20 damage.

One odd thing I noticed is when one of my lords of slaanesh picked up a shield from an indy, it got rid of the enchanted spear. I tried passing it around to other slaaneshi lords and the same thing happened, kind of strange bug.
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