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Old March 17th, 2005, 02:28 PM

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Default Game looks great, yet..

I've browsed through the forum, and Shrapnel's and Spruegame sites. I was very pleased by what I saw on the doc/tutorials already available at Spruegames : this game looks like it will have what I hope since WS&IM days !
Very good interface, good ship/combat modeling, lots of useful tools, all is there !
Still there are some issues that bothers me somewhat :

- Graphics are ok, but the 256-color limitation results in very dated looks.. Also the text font in info box is some basic Courier, a better-looking font would be nice

- Historicity : while the game mechanisms seems accurate/historical, the ships and scenarios do not (or correct me). Make no mistake, this game will appeal to naval wargame buffs, and those guys want to have historical ships and situations. I don't think casual gamers will ever hear of the game...
So IMHO we really need historical scenarios and campaigns.

- Replayability : this kind of game requires a map/scenario editor, and some "quick battle" setup so players can choose ships in a library and put up fights as they want. From what I've read it looks like this won't be available initially, but maybe later. This can really deter potential customers from getting the game, as "canned scens only" wargames have a limited life. In addition only this can help create a real active community that will discuss, give feedback, and exchange scenarios

- Lastly, multiplayer : I am not be so decided on this. Surely it'd be a great thing to have, online or in pbem, but I don't think many players will consider that important.

Still I'm eagerly expecting the game, as features are really nice, everything from squadron maneuvering to detailed combat management is here, and well done !
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