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Old July 22nd, 2005, 08:25 PM

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Default Cannon shot quesions.

I am having a good time playing the demo. I am currently playing the 3rd tutorial and have some quesions about cannon shots.

Other Age of Sail games I played had different lengths for the cannon shots. Cannon shots could go the farthest, then link, then grape the closest. And with double shots I think I read in this game it works best close. So I am thinking that double shots will work at long range but wont be as effective as regular types of shots. Otherwise why would you use anything else. I would guess when you get about 5 spaces. Question here would be. At what range do double shots become more effective than regular shots?

It looks like cannon would be the best at long range, then when you close in the other types become effective. Guess the main part I am wondering about is the long range dammage. Do the 3 types of shot do the same amount of dammage at long range, and the only difference is what type of dammage (crew, ship or rigging)?

And does the AI use all the different types of shots? So far I have only notice them using cannon.

Edit: Saw them use a different type, so looks like they do.
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Old July 23rd, 2005, 03:16 PM
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Default Re: Cannon shot quesions.

Ranges do affect the type of cannon shots used. You are correct about double shot being less effictive at medium and long range. Short range (range 3) is where it is most effective.
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