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Old March 8th, 2007, 08:53 PM

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Default New Nation: Draconia

Here is a nation i kind of slapped together. At the moment I'm pretty sure its overpowered so I thought I'd ask for any tips. This is my first mod for this game and my first post. I've modded many other games mainly warcraft 3 and well its basically the deciding factor for buying any game.

I made it basically for the pretenders and just used units already in game to make up the units/commanders. They also lack any unique spells or summons. In fact I don't remember if they even have any mages...

The models are based on Todd McFarlane's art so no they aren't 100% original but they still took a long time to do.

Edit: I just realized that giving random magic to pretenders takes away from design points.
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Old March 9th, 2007, 01:45 PM
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Default Re: New Nation: Draconia

It's a very good effort for a first ever mod. You .dm file is very well organized and you obviously put some time into this.

The basic idea is pretty cool and it actually works pretty well as an AI opponent (especially when grouped with other "heavy handed" nation mods).

Why do you feel that the dragon kings need so many different abilities to be viable? The combinations don't make much sense to me. The sheer power of your pretenders makes them exceptionally difficult to stop, even with late game spells and artifacts. I rather you had these guys as level 8 or 9 conjuration units.

The selection of units is surprisingly balanced, considering that there seems to be no synergy whatsoever between them. That said I found no real reason to buy anything but draconians and dracolions. Remember that these units are usually limited in number by the availability of precious gems. Limited only by gold an army of 60 dracolions is fairly easy to create quite early in the game. Even strong nations will be hard pressed to stop such a force.
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Old March 9th, 2007, 08:35 PM

Mr_Matt Mr_Matt is offline
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Default Re: New Nation: Draconia

Thanks for the feedback.

I used this mod to test what all the abilities did and then copied the same template for each pretender... and I forgot to delete some of the abilities, namely survival skills and regen. And since when does berserk give added protection...

I was considering making the dragon kings cost 250+ design points so that you would either have to take bad scales or take a dormant or imprisoned god. which would take away their early indy conquering ability and I really want to restrict them to low dominion to keep their immortal ability in check. although now that i think about it it probably makes them way to powerful since immortal transports them to the capital... I thought it would only work if there was an adjacent province you controlled.

Ive only owned the game for... about 2 weeks so I don't know all the secrets or how to build massive armies quick that I hear about on these forums so often... but I guess they could cost more... was hoping that the high resource cost would balance it a little bit.

And yea i agree the troops dont mix that well... but like i said i made it mainly for the pretenders because they were a lot of fun to make. Maybe making the draconians and draco lions sacred would help. Since the dragon kings would have such low dominion and a bless strat is near impossible with them that could limit their number.

Again thanks for the feedback it made me notice a lot of things i messed up. I was thinking about making all the units original as well but I've got midterms next week and 2 essays... so maybe in a month or so.
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Old March 10th, 2007, 01:39 AM

BandarLover BandarLover is offline
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Default Re: New Nation: Draconia

Midterms-shmidterms. Stick to priorities man: modding for Dom 3.

Seriously though. I'm not real big on understanding what goes on under the hood of the game, but this is an interesting mod. Your pretender graphics remind me a bit of Amos' work and it would have been neat to see what you could have done with custom graphics for the nations units as well. The only thing I noticed that seemed odd, to me atleast, is that the priest/mage commander shows a magic skill of 1 in the recruit screen but every time I recruit one he comes out with 2 skills. Not that I'm complaining. But like I said, I don't understand everything so maybe they are suppose to.
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