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  • SYS Resolution 1920x1200 The 1900x1200 resolution does not work correctly. Discussion threads are here and here Fixed in 3.11
  • SYS Mac patch 3.09/3.10 Mac Patch is apparently v3.09, not 3.10 Fixed
  • SYS PORTS The port input field on the second network connection dialog only remembers the first four digits of the port. Works fine for me /JK Wasn't listed on the progress page earlier and this is a very old report. I'll mark it green
  • SYS CLI 001 The command line options to turn off the fade-in effect (when going to view battle scenes) don't work on Windows. Trying every single possibility of "-f", "--nofade", "-nofade", and "-f --nofade" all have zero effect, at least on the Windows version. WAD, only affects windows

  • ITEM 101 Twin Spear (death) Does not reanimate killed target as it should (related to Weapon 296, which this item gives?)
  • ITEM 282 GatestoneDiscussion thread here Also somewhat related to traveling spell issues above in this thread. Astral Travel cannot be cast from Gatestone unless Thaumaturgy lv 9 is researched first (or appropriate level if using mods that alter Astral Travel research level)
  • ITEM 293 Soulstone of the Wolves See discussion link for Gatestone. Call of the Wild cannot be cast from Soulstone unless Conjuration 3 is researched first (or appropriate level if game is using mods)
  • ITEM 296 Gift of Kurgi Discussion thread here Looks much like the the Gatestone/Soulstone problem, unable to cast Send Lesser Horror. Not tested extensively, but symptoms are the same.
Gatestone etc works fine for me /JK
Did you have Conjuration 3, Thaumaturgy 9 and Blood 5 researched? Because I just ran a test game where I had the items assigned to commanders beforehand and with 0 research, you can give the orders to cast the spells but nothing happens. No werewolf and wolf pack in target province. No traveling via Gatestone. No lesser horror smiting the enemy capital. But if you have the research up to the levels indicated, THEN the items work. THAT is the bug.

A couple of bug reports that I cannot begin to unravel enough to put in shortlist format without losing info along the way:

Nephelim said:

line 19 of patchme.command

cp Resources/doc/* ../

This results in a cp usage message, because a fresh (from CD) install doesn't have a doc directory to copy the files into.

I'd suggest putting the line:

[ -d ../ ] || mkdir ../

Ionwright said:

This occurs in 3.04 in full-screen (G3 running 10.3.9), and probably in 3.06. If I leave the machine without clicking on the rolling credits that appear after the quit command and return a couple hours later, a click no longer dismisses the credits. In fact there's no response. A force-quit doesn't work either, and I have to reboot. (From a design perspective, it seems that a program should quit when you issue the quit command! Many Mac programs have a button in the About Dominions 3 window that you can click for the credits.) Most important, this shouldn't crash my computer!

The update process that requires you to move the application to the desktop and then move it back is cumbersome. I have the app on a different volume, so this means copying the file each time. Most Mac programs use Apple's installer, which can be set up search for applications and patch them in place.

Also, the Info.plist file should be maintained with the correct version, mod date, and copyright information. This information is displayed in the Finder with a Get Info command and in

Mac v. 3.06 (G3 running OS X 10.3.9)

I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but I think I right-clicked on one of the commander icons. The program quit without any message. The only evidence I could find was in the console.log file:

Något gick fel!
cltu: bad mnr
Något gick fel!
cltu: bad mnr
2007-02-06 18:06:22.162 System Events[487] Command: Hidden.doAction
Direct Parameter: /
Receivers: (null)
Arguments: {"" = "/"; code = 1718579310; }
2007-02-06 18:06:22.181 System Events[487] Result: (null)

Mac problems are fixed in 3.10

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