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Default Modding Resources & Utilities


The purpose of this section is to gather up some of the most useful tools, resources and threads for modders new and old alike. If you don't mod, this stuff is unlikely to be of much interest to you.

Dom3 DB v3.23b by Edi. A list of nearly everything in Dominions 3 EXCEPT spells.
Unofficial Modding Manual - Amos Version by Edi
Spell Modding Guide by DrPrateorious
Code Diving: A detailed list of spells and sites in 3.10
No Indies (NI) Map Generator
Unit sprites v3.10. by EricM
Unit sprites v3.14, not including the v3.10 sprites (contains sprites of units added between 3.10 and 3.14. by EricM
Unit sprites v3.17. by EricM
Complete list of fly sprites (Also included in Dom3 DB)
DomBAK Utility by das123

Mod Nation Playing Guides This thread was made so people could post guides for various mod nations they have played.

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