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Default Re: Tools and Tutorials

Here there be a comprehensive DB of units, weapons and armor.

Save under different name for your mod, make the changes you want to the BaseU, BaseW and BaseA tables and see instant results on the AllUnits page. It'll drive most Windows systems on their knees when opening or doing complicated sorting due to the number and structure of the display functions.

Arrays have been defined so that adding weapons, units and armors to the Base pages won't make a difference, the functions still work. Upper limits are 400 armors total, 1000 weapons total and 4000 units total, those limits are hardcoded to the current functions.

If you add units to the display page, you need to unprotect the sheet and show formulas, then extend the formulas down the columns up until you have all your units showing. Add ONLY id numbers to display pages! Everything else is retrieved by function.

You may need to add more custom magic masks if you have really exotic random magic combinations, in which case you should sort the MagicMasks page by mask number for smoother work.

Just make sure you enter 0 for FALSE or 1 for TRUE or actually type out the word each time you use them. Dragging the values for several trues in a row will screw things up since it will do a sequence of 1..2..3..4.. and show everything above 0 as TRUE. The retrieval functions will not work correctly if that happens, since they all check for values of either 1 or "".

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